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Okra pods are a great source of dietary fiber, regulating your digestion right off the bat. They have a very low calorie count per pod, ranking among the lowest at 30 calories per 100 grams. They contain no saturated fats, no cholesterol, and are often used in weight control by those looking to get in shape. To keep helping with digestion, okra pods are also an amazing source of mucilage, a substance that helps to smooth out some parts of the digestion process. However, they don’t only help with digestion, but your skin can also stay healthy by consuming okra.

Each pod contains Vitamin A which help out your mucus membranes and your skin. Other anti-oxidants like lutein and xanthin are included in the pods. It is also a vegetable regarded to have the highest levels of these anti-oxidants, which are essential for the health of your vision. This vegetable also has a great deal of flavonoids, which helps to prevent oral and lung cavity cancer. These pods have folates in them help to decrease neural tube defects in children. Okra provide Vitamin C, which helps the body to develop immunity against infections and prevent colds and coughs. They also provide Vitamin K, which plays a part in blood clotting enzymes and strengthening bones.

As far as minerals go, they provide iron, manganese, calcium, and magnesium. These immature okra pods can be found at your local market most of the time, and it is best to eat them as soon as you possibly can. This will yield the best effect from the vitamins and minerals inside of the vegetables. However, due to exposure to insecticides and pesticides, it is always safe to run your okra pods under cold, running water to remove any chemicals, dirt, and any other foreign substances that might be on the surface.