Every individual has some experience with diabetes. Either they have it or they know someone who has this condition. Diabetes is known to be a contributing factor to the onset of deadly conditions such as end-stage renal disease and cardiovascular disease. Those who suffer from stage 1 and stage 2 diabetes can control their blood sugar intake by consuming a healthy balanced diet. This may also reduce the risk of some developing stage 2 diabetes. Statistics show that diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States and introducing okra to a healthy balanced diet will have several benefits.

In order to measure how swiftly the carbohydrates in the foods you eat turn to sugar in your blood stream, the glycemic index (GI) measurement is used. Okra has a GI that is below 20 and is therefor considered a ”low GI” food. You can stabilize and balance your low blood sugar levels and your weight control by regularly consuming this food.

Heart Disease

Studies that were published in the 2008 ”Journal of Nutrition” revealed that individuals who have diabetes and regularly consume vegetables, which includes okra, are able to significantly reduce their risk of heart disease. The study showed that the type 2 diabetics who consumed vegetables lowered their risk of heart disease by about 10 percent, in comparison to those who rarely include vegetables in their diet. Those who have diabetes have a much higher risk of heart disease than those who don’t.

People with diabetes have a higher risk for heart disease than those that don’t, when compared to those who seldom ate vegetables.

Kidney Disease

It is estimated that at least half of those individuals who have kidney disease, suffer from this as a direct result of a diabetic condition. By maintaining a normal and healthy body weight, treating your high blood pressure and ensuring that your blood sugar stays within a healthy range, you will reduce your risk of kidney disease. According to study results that were published in October 2005 ”Jilin Medical Journal” kidney disease can be kept at bay by regularly consuming okra as part of your balanced diet.

This study of diabetics showed that clinical signs of kidney damage were reduced significantly for those who ate okra daily compared to those who followed a simple diabetic diet. Almost fifty percent of the fiber in okra is soluble fiber. This fiber reduces and delays the impact of carbohydrate-rich foods on blood sugar levels by slowing down digestion. Soluble fiber makes weight loss a lot easier by keeping your appetite under control. High blood sugar levels will be reduced by eating 25g of fiber each day.



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