The modern lifestyle despite all its vibrancy and excitement has given numerous chronic diseases that sometimes take a toll on life itself. Diabetes is one such disease whose introduction is not necessary to anyone. Surely it is one of the worst chronic diseases affecting the stamina and energy of the patient. Over the time diabetes brings deadly cardiovascular diseases and vision problems.

Medication both drug based and Herbal are available for the treatment of Diabetes. Okra is one such “Superfood” which has medicinal properties that help cure diabetes. The vegetable is commonly referred to as ladyfingers and is known to be effective in controlling blood sugar levels. The glycemix index (GI) is a measurement of how quickly the carbohydrates convert to digestible simple sugar in the blood. Okra, being a Low GI food having a GI below 20 is a good way to keep diabetes in control and over the time reduce blood sugar levels.

Numerous health benefits of Okra make it a widely used vegetable in tropical countries. It is very low in calories – a mere 30 calories per 100 grams. Okra contains no saturated fats or cholesterol, and hence is very good for the heart. Studies have found that diabetic mice have responded to the treatment of diabetes using okra showing reduced blood sugar levels in ten days. Insoluble fiber contained in okra helps stabilize blood glucose by slowing down the rate of sugar absorption from the intestinal tract.

Blood sugar, if kept within a healthy range reduces the risks of kidney diseases which are generally accompanied by high continuous high sugar levels. Therefore okra is also instrumental in keeping kidney diseases at bay according to results published in the “Jilin Medical Journal”.

Okra or ladyfinger is a rich source of important vitamins and minerals along with some dietary fiber and antioxidants. Therefore the vegetable considerably reduces the risk of some forms of cancer, especially colorectal cancer. Hand in hand, the vegetable improves energy levels and constipation.

Health benefits of okra can be extracted from the vegetable by direct consumption of the cooked vegetable or eating soup or stew made out of the vegetable. Numerous recipes are available to cook okra deriving not only the health benefits but also the great taste it carries. The vegetable can also be cut into pieces and soaked in water over night. Drinking the water everyday religiously can have miraculous effects on the blood sugar levels.

Lastly, being a vegetable, okra doesn’t have any side effects on the body and has multiple benefits.


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