Okra Health Benefits

Okra health benefits dates back to over 3500 years ago. It was a popular vegetable for the people of Egypt. It’s health benefits was acknowledged by the most beautiful women during last decade. This includes Yang of China and Cleopatra of Egypt. During the world war 2 the pods were used as coffee beans. Though during this periods there might have been lack of scientific formula of determining Okra health benefits, it is now highly acknowledged that this vegetable has lots of proven health benefits. They include the following:

The pods of this plant have very low amounts of cholesterol. They are a rich source of dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins which are highly recommended for cholesterol controlling and also weight loss programs.

They have a high percentage of mucilage substances which aids in smooth movement of digested foods down the gut and also ease constipation condition

The pods are a rich source of folates.Consumption of foods rich in Folates aids pregnant women to avoid incidences of neural tube defect.
The gumbo pods are a very rich source of vitamin c. Foods rich in vitamin c aids our bodies to develop immunity against infection agents.

It is a rich source of vitamin b complex.This includes the likes of thiamin ,niacin and vitamin b-6. It is also a rich source of vitamin k. Vitamin K helps our blood to easily clot when we have an injury.

It is characterized by lots of other mineral the likes of iron, magnesium and others.

This include only the composition nutrients in the Okra pods. It has specific health benefits to specific condition and they include the following

Okra water to fight diabetes

Okra water helps to fight diabetics.The rich fiber and other nutrients helps in normalizing blood sugar in our bodies.This helps in reducing the issues of diabetics.

Helps with kidney diseases. Jilin medical journal published in 2005, discovered that regular consumption of okra reduced the risk of contracting kidney diseases. Around 50% of kidney diseases are associated with diabetes. This means that, above 50% risk of contracting kidney diseases will have been reduced due to consumption of the pod

Support colon health. Okra is rich in dietary fiber which promotes colon health. Okra aids in cleaning the gastrointestinal system. In addition vitamin A aids in promoting a healthy mucous membrane.

Helps with respiratory system. Okra contains high levels of vitamin c which has been proven to help with respiratory issues the likes of Asthma.

Promotes healthy skin. Vitamins c aids in making the skin look vibrant and younger. The vitamin also aids in replacement of destroy skin cells.

Anti cancer. The Okra pods have a high level of anti oxides which helps in protecting the immune system against harmful mutation cell and radicles.

Boasting bone strength. The folate in the okra pods helps in formation of strong bones and also preventing osteoporosis.

Vision Health. The pods are rich in xanthin, lutein and beta-carotenes. This promote a healthy vision while preventing eye problems the likes of glaucoma

This include only the discovered health benefits of Okra and its nutritional value. There are probably additional benefits which have not yet been discovered. The real challenge to you is to try them out and discover the undiscovered health benefits.